October 18, 2021

If Truly You Are The Biggest And Winning Party Why Crying Over Losers Alliances?



By Sulayman Jeng


Be wonders. They claimed to be the biggest party. That they are winning. So why cry foul over an alliance of “losing parties”? That one is really beyond me. Now the call is a reproduce of 2016 to stop Barrow from returning to State House. What does that tell you about the so all claim of been the biggest party and winning Immediately?

Interestingly, immediately Darboe came out of incarnation he wholeheartedly forgave Jammeh for all the wrongs he committed. The we saw the appointment of Mr Bojang (APRC Speaker) as ambassador to South Africa. The retaining of the Ms Badjie as Gambia’s permanent representative at the UN against her condescension on anyone against Jammeh and APRC on social media. Darboe unapologetically defended those unpopular decisions. No sky collapses. Look at the current most revered members of UDP. Dieheart APRC. Yet they want to play the moral card on us. I say if you come to equity ensure first your hands are washed clean and dried.

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